April 01, 2012

The High Strung: ¿Posible o' Imposible?

The High Strung
photo: Alicia Gbur

Detroit band The High Strung have been in the business for over a decade, finally getting recognition when their song The Luck You Got was used for the TV series Shameless in 2011. They have added it as a bonus track on their new full-length ¿Posible o' Imposible?. For band hailing from Motor city USA is makes semse to draw inspiration from Sixties garage bands, but their most prominent influence is the early (pre-Tommy) Who.

Psychedelic pop influences shine through in Rats, Rats, Rats and Model Boats. The High Strung have made an album that will in heavy rotation on many a baby boomer's birthday, while their offspring is being lectured at length about all the big names from yesteryear that the band is channeling.

The High Strung:
Josh Malerman: guitar, vocals
Stephen Palmer: guitar
Chad Stocker: bass
Derek Berk: drums

The High Strung: ┬┐Posible o' Imposible?

¿Posible o' Imposible? is released on Paper Thin Records. Release date: April 17th.

  1. Extraordianary Times
  2. Buried
  3. Rats, Rats, Rats
  4. Posible O Imposible
  5. Giant
  6. Sometimes It's Odd Sometimes It's Like God
  7. Parachute
  8. Single / Alone
  9. On Your Way Up
  10. Model Boats
  11. Human
  12. Brain K
  13. Big Game Hunter
  14. Bonus track: The Luck You Got

(The High Strung - On Your Way Up)

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