April 11, 2012

Infadels: The Future of the Gravity Boy

The Eighties are the new Sixties as the major source of inspiration. English synth dance act Infadels take cues from the musical heritage of Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and the Eurythmics. They are a big hit in the UK, catering to the new generation of ravers. Their third full-length The Future of the Gravity Boy is the long-awaited follow-up of Universe In Reverse (2008). Until now fans had to make do with the single Ghosts, a single that was released in November 2009. Producer Alex Metric is currently the go to guy if you want a rock 'n' rave album, and he delivered, including the dated drum sound that is associated with the genre.

The basic story of The Future of the Gravity Boy is quite serious: coping in an technological age, where superficial, virtual relationships rule supreme. Using science fiction inspired themes such as Encounters Of The First Kind and Mercury Rising (with Dr Who bleeps and warbled communication) it's their darkest album yet. Changes are that this will be lost on their live audiences who are determined to dance the night away.

Bnann Watts: vocals
Matt Gooderson: guitars/programming
Wag Marshall-Page: bass
Richie Vernon: live keys
Alex Bruford: drums

Infadels: The Future of the Gravity Boy

The Future of the Gravity Boy is released on Sony / ATV. CD release date: May 21

  1. From Out Of The Black Sky
  2. The Future Of The Gravity Boy
  3. Ghosts
  4. We Get Along
  5. Violent Oblivion
  6. Encounters Of The First Kind
  7. Mercury Rising
  8. Jupiter 5
  9. Explain Nothing
  10. 5:03

Video: Infadels - Ghosts

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