March 08, 2012

Emporium: From Another Planet - The Best Of Emporium (1998-2011)

Scottish band Emporium kept layered progressive psychedelic pop harmonies alive, releasing a a string of albums and a couple of singles that garnered them rave reviews form the cognoscenti. The trio was basically a studio band, although they did tour for a bit in 1998. The band dropped from the radar in 2007 only to surface again in 2011 with the new album Silver Brainwaves. This year year has brought two new tracks so far: Mindbender and The Umbrella Shop (which will be released a single).

The 17 track collection From Another Planet - The Best Of Emporium (1998-2011) on Whimsical Records serves as handy introduction for newbies. Long time fans can plug the holes in their collection with the rare remixes and one-offs. It's hard to pigeonhole their sound, bur think the poppy songs of Pink Floyd ca. 1970 mixed with Beach Boys orchestral inklings dipped in Zombies-alike Odessey and Oracle melancholy.

Lead singer Ewan McKenzie falsetto gives their songs a pastoral quality that will go down well while lounging on lazy Sunday afternoon (or any other day of the week). Best enjoyed with a bottle of good wine and a basket of tasty tidbits.

Emporium: From Another Planet - The Best Of Emporium Sleeve (1998-2011)

From Another Planet - The Best Of Emporium (1998-2011) is released on Whimsical Records. The three track single The Umbrella Shop / She Won't Come Out / The Umbrella Shop (radio edit) is released on March 26th.

  1. Intro
  2. Lisa On The Screen
  3. Mindbender
  4. Don't Be Alarmed
  5. The Downside
  6. Baby Invisible
  7. Wasted (Single Mix)
  8. Amanda (18:08)
  9. Dice Man (Elevate Remix)
  10. Listen To The Noises (Guitarist Magazine Version)
  11. Mind Games
  12. Elevate
  13. The Umbrella Shop
  14. She Won't Come Out
  15. Seven Moons From Home
  16. Into The Dark (Mellow Version)
  17. Choice

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