December 26, 2011

Grace Woodroofe: Always Want

Grace Woodroofe
photo: Jody Pachniuk

If there such a thing as jazzy shoegaze blues, Australlan singer Grace Woodroofe is on the forefront of that genre. Her debut album Always Want made quite an expression in her home country and now is she is trying to conquer the USA, with the David Bowie cover Quicksand as a bonus track.

With her soft-spoken, husky voice Woodroofe gets close, telling her stories about her life, pet peeves and fears. When she lets rip, and she should do that more often, she enters the vocal school were PJ Harvey and Patti Smith teach their pupils about rock and attitude.

Grace Woodroofe: Always Want

Always Want is released on Modular Recordings. USA release date: January 24hh.

  1. I've Handled Myself Wrong
  2. Battles
  3. Transformer
  4. H.
  5. Oh My God
  6. Nocturnal
  7. Bear
  8. Always Want
  9. You'll Never Find Me
  10. Quicksand


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