October 11, 2011

The Invisible Kid: Full Catastrophe Livin'

The Invisible Kid
Live @ the Lazy Hazy Daze of Summer Loft Party, NYC - 2011/08/13
photo: Tear-n Tan

Daniel Lee is The Invisible Kid, a NYC electronic post-rock one-man band. He hangs out with the members Dead Leaf Echo and his music is not unlike their dreamy shoegaze. Lee self-produced his latest EP Full Catastrophe Livin', playing guitar, bass, synthesizer, drums, vocals, and taking care of the programming.

With richly textured grooves wrapping themselves around the treated vocals, Lee conjures up a lonely world filled with the ghosts of loved ones, ennui and Weltschmertz. This a late night album that to while away the hours before sunrise.

The Invisible Kid: Full Catastrophe Livin

Full Catastrophe Livin' is a self-released EP. Download it for free from his website.

  1. A Different Kind of Disease
  2. We Disappear For Hours (featuring Volya)
  3. Level 1
  4. The Lonely Holiday
  5. Rise & Shine, Jr.
  6. Melody
  7. Meeting in the Clouds

The Invisible Kid evolves into a trio when playing live, with Nick DeMatteo (guitar, bass, backing vocals) and Joseph Yi (guitar, synth, backing vocals).

Live dates:
  • 11/10 Anti-Gravity @ R Bar, New York, NY
  • 12/07 Fat Baby, New York, NY

» theinvisiblekid.com

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