September 07, 2011

Richard Swift: Walt Wolfman

Richard Swift
photo: Lance Troxel

Motown from a dustbin, 12 bar blues as old as the hills. When Richard Swift fractured his left ring finger, those sounds were at thing from the past. But he is back with a new EP. Walt Wolfman is dedicated to outsiders, real ones and characters lifted from horror stories.

Kicking of with a tribute to poet Walt Whitman, Swift tells bed time stories that will the scare the shit out of little kids. A song like Drakula (Hey Man!) mixes Nick Cave gloom with Rick James bravado. Zombie Boogie is a drenched in rusty reverb, Captain Beefheart in a Eddy Cochran mood.

Technically Walt Wolfman is an EP, but it contains more musical ideas than most full-lengths (or double albums for that matter).

Richard Swift: Walt Wolfman

Walt Wolfman is released on Secretly Canadian on October 18th, in digital and vinyl formats.

  1. Whitman
  2. MG 333
  3. Laugh It Up
  4. Zombie Boogie
  5. Out & About
  6. Drakula (Hey Man!)
  7. St. Michael


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