August 21, 2011

Iron Claw: A Different Game

Good things take time. It might even take 35 years. Scottish heavy rock band Iron Claw never got around to releasing an album when they traveled up and down the UK in the early Seventies, punching eardrums with their loud-as-fuck music.

Their luck changed in 2009, when Rockadrome put together an archival album, which sparked a lot of interest from the proto-metal inner-circle. Three original members reformed shortly and entered the studio with new a vocalist to cut the A Different Game. An like Scotland's fabled strong beverage, they only got better over the years. The ban d set up in a live setting, rolled tape, and after only a few minor overdubs, send off the tracks across the big pond to Tony Reed, leading rock archivist and member of Stone Axe and Moss Generator, to work his magic mixing and mastering the tracks..

A Different Game is a very British album, with a hint of American psychedelic counter-parts like Blue Cheer bubbling under. With these songs they carry on the tradition of riff-based heavy blues rock. Iron Claw are not classic rock - inside they are still in their early twenties and they can teach the new kids a few tricks about catchy hooks that are pulling at the chain to conquer the airwaves.

Iron Claw:
Alex Wilson: bass
Jimmy Ronnie: guitars
Ian McDougall: drums
Gordon Brown: vocals

Iron Claw: A Different Game

A Different Game is released on Ripple Music. Release date: October 4th.

  1. What Love Left
  2. Saga
  3. The Traveler
  4. A Different Game
  5. Angel Woman
  6. Southern Sky
  7. Falling Down
  8. It's Easy
  9. My Way Down
  10. Love Is Blind
  11. Targets
  12. See Them Fall
  13. Closing In

Live dates:
  • 08/24 T-bird, London, UK
  • 08/26 Horatia, London, UK
  • 10/01 Gretna Social & Athletic Club, Gretna, UK
  • 11/04 Voicemania, Vienna, Austria

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