May 12, 2011

The Boxing Lesson: Muerta EP

The Boxing Lesson is in the process of recording a new full length "rock" album. The new 4-track Muerta EP could have been discarded as a stop-gap release, but it's an expansion of their sound. Sci-fi, outer space and all things NASA were always a big influence for the Austin band and they take it one step further with this collection of slow, dreamy shoegaze songs. sounding a bit like The Cure in the early Eighties with Pink Floyd. The Jesus and Mary Chain (in a mellow mood) and The Apples in Stereo lurking in the background. Smart space rock for the inner circle.

Two of the songs feature the band's ex-drummer, Jake Mitchell, who got sentenced to 60 months in prison in 2008 for conspiracy to manufacture marijuana. The rest of the EP was recorded by Chris "Frenchie" Smith at The Bubble. It was mastered by Danny Reisch who just won Producer of the Year by the Austin Chronicle.

The Boxing Lesson: Muerta EP

The Boxing Lesson:
Paul Waclawsky: vocals, guitars, triwave
Jaylinn Davidson: vocals, synths

The Muerta EP is released on Frenchie Smith Records. Buy it from the band's website. A double 7 inch set will be available in June.

  1. Darker Side of the Moog
  2. Muerta
  3. Cassiopeia
  4. Drone to Sleep


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