March 11, 2011

Brain Dead Burockracy: Brain Dead Burockracy

The Bay Area breeds loud bands and LA trio Brain Dead Burockracy are a recent addition to the long list of trash metal punk bands. Their self-titled first release deals with the dark side of the City of Angels.

Sounding a bit like a stripped down version of early Metallica, these guys will appeal to the bored suburban adolescents suffering from a lack of female attention. Grownups can use it as a soundtrack for cleaning out the garage or painting a room with a particularly gruesome color like eggshell.

Brain Dead Burockracy:
Levi Mitchell: guitar, vocals
Na'Irb: drums, vocals
Sideshow: bass, vocals

The EP is a self-released album. Download it for free from the band's website.

  1. I'm Done
  2. Runnin Scared
  3. My Kind
  4. Dozent Matter


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