February 03, 2011

White Laces: White Laces EP

White Laces are a noise-rock dream garage band from Richmond, VA. They mix samples with loud guitars. Their self-titled EP has five tracks lacking the complexity of Muse, but are more passionate than your regular math rock hopefuls. Hints of Pavement and Sonic Youth on a shoestring budget.

White Laces: White Laces EP

The White Laces EP is released on Whole Ghost/Shdwply.

  1. Motorik Twilight
  2. Spirituals
  3. Sick of Summer
  4. Honeywood
  5. Psykick Healing
Live dates:
  • 02/11 Bart and Urbys, Wilkes-Barre, PA (w/ Lubec)
  • 02/19 Bruar Falls, Brooklyn, NY (w/ Sweet Bulbs, Young Adults, and Arches)
  • 03/05 Shea Stadium, Brooklyn, NY (w/ Big Troubles and Alex Bleeker and The Freaks)
  • 03/09 Strange Matter, Richmond, VA (w/ Dinosaur Feathers and Motel Motel)
  • 03/16-20 SXSW, Austin, TX
  • 03/24 Strange Matter, Richmond, VA (w/ Cults, Sun Airway, Asobi Seksu)
  • 04/15 The Bazaar, Roanoke, VA

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