December 20, 2010

Kypski: Partyscratch 1

Scratch master Kypski goes back to basics with the release of his first solo EP Partyscratch 1. He is one of the leading scratch artists in The Netherlands. He wants people to dance to his tunes.

Recently I found out that I like to make electronic dance music, with my own twist to it of course. I call it 'Partyscratch'. This is because it's music to party and dance to, but with a scratch playing the lead. I find it ironic to see that a lot of times when DJ's scratch, it is more likely to make people stop dancing than that it invites people to dance. While back in the early 80's when scratching had just been invented, people were dancing to it. That's the vibe Ì try to bring with Partyscratch. I.

Partyscratch 1 will be released on Beatport. Release date: December 21.

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