October 14, 2010

Sensual Harassment: Boss

Dance tracks are as a breed repetitive, but Brooklyn trio Sensual Harassment loves to catch the club crowd on the wrong foot. Their new single Boss starts off as basic eighties synth track, but when the vocals become part of the equation the track is transformed into borderline rawk that goes all the way to eleven, well almost.

Sensual Harassment: Boss

The band is currently working on an album, entitled 7 Songs, with a release date penciled in for November.

Sensual Harassment:
Todd Thomas: vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass
Mike Sherburn: bass, drums, keyboards
John Barclay: drums, keyboards

Boss ia offered as free download. Remixers are welcome to download the stems.

» sensualharassment.com
» myspace.com/shnyc

HCTF review of Sensual Harassment: "Soldier" b/w "Daddy Long Legs".

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