October 25, 2010

Leitvox: "Transition" album, free apps


Leitvox is the project of Mexican musician and programmer Christian Cooley. He offers two apps (Mac only!) for free at his website:

Arperk is a dynamic arpeggeator composed of three interconnected, beat-synchronized engines that generate MIDI notes—and each engine has its own independent sequencer. Individual outputs can be routed to different internal and external destinations. With Arperk, one engine could send MIDI information to a soft synthesizer (like NI Absynth), the second one might transmit to your EXS24 sampler in Logic Pro, and the third one (via a MIDI interface) could head for your Roland Juno hard synthesizer. Arperk's vintage sequencing behavior is ideal for live performance, and also is an efficient, easy way to make ultra-tight, mega-strong real-time electronic loops.
Randrum is a one-of-a-kind, sample-based drum machine that lets you create beats with rich random timbres. Randrum features a 32-step sequencer that lets you adjust the gain of each step. Drag a folder with your favorite drum samples, and Randrum randomly decides which sample is assigned to each step. Randrum chooses 32 different samples for every cycle, meaning repetition is practically impossible. Randrum also features a multi-mode internal filter, a stereo spread function, and a internal VST plug-in component—so you can load any VST FX into the drum machine.

The best way to plug your software for musicians ais to use it and his album Transition is a showcase of neo-New Wave electronics about halfway Marc Almond and Depeche Mode with a hint of the Sisters of Mercy. Bombastic at times, and a bit heavy-handed, this is the kind of album that will appeal to post-puberty nostalgic emo's and the Eighties dance revivalists.

Leitvox: Transition

Transition is a self-released album. Buy it from his website.

  1. Transition
  2. Nostalgic Gravity
  3. After Dark
  4. Maniac Love
  5. Evasion
  6. Remains Of The Sun
  7. Dubo
  8. Monolithic
  9. The Road Not Taken
  10. System
  11. No Where To Be Found

» leitvox.com

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