October 30, 2010

Black Dub: Black Dub

Roll tape, mix and master, and get the songs out to the public without tons of post-production tricks that kill the vibe. Black Dub, led by ace producer Daniel Lanois, goes back to basics, sounding ruffled and rough around the edges, and very much alive.

Singer Trixie Whitley has the powerful, relaxed voice for the soulful songs with a reggae twist. The rhythm section, Daryl Johnson (bass) and Brian Blade (drums), are in the pocket, covering the asses of Lanois and Whitley when they follow the spur of the moment, cutting corners and having fun. Listen to the instrumental Slow Baby for a fly-on-the-wall perspective of one-take recording.

Black Dub:
Daniel Lanois: guitar, vocals, keyboards
Daryl Johnson: bass
Trixie Whitley: vocals
Brian Blade: drums

Black Dub

Black Dub is released on Jive Records. Release date: November 2.

  1. Love Lives
  2. I Believe In You
  3. Ring The Alarm
  4. Last Time
  5. Surely
  6. Nomad
  7. Silverado
  8. Slow Baby
  9. Canaan
  10. Sing
  11. Sirens

Black Dub are on tour in the USA in November.

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