June 06, 2010

Streetlamps for Spotlights: "The Room" b/w "Shout It"

Streetlamps for Spotlights
photo: Erin Salyers

Jason Davis owns an all analog recording studio called Off The Cuff in Fort Wayne. He has been recording other artist for years and recorded two solo album himself before forming Streetlamps for Spotlights, a duo that would become a garage rock trio. For an all analog guy it makes sense to release your stuff on vinyl and the new single "The Room" b/w "Shout It" is a raw sounding piece of work pressed on 7 inch 45 rpm format housed in a picture sleeve of three intellectually challenged looking rabbits. In other words: the kind of music that will make a collector feel cool and "in-the-know".

Streetlamps for Spotlights:
Jason Davis: guitar, vocals
Jy Hackbush: bass, vocals
Dave Trevino: drums

"The Room" b/w "Shout It" is released on Off The Cut Records.

» streetlampsforspotlights.com
» myspace.com/streetlampsforspotlights

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