June 29, 2010

JDT: Vices

photo: Colin Hough Trapp

The Jason Domnarski Trio (JDT) are dragging electronic piano jazz into the '10s. Based in NYC they have to face fierce competition from Medeski Martin & Wood, and the omnipresent Marco Benevento. with their new EP Vices they mash the cool, dry sound of electronics with catchy, loungy keyboard motives, played over a deep bass and drums that channel Charlie Watts (rhythm sense) and John Fishman (swing) and Joe Russo (risk taking).

Opener Crown Vic sets the tone for a sonic tour of the big city, including a run in with the law (Brought Up On Charges) and a couple of nasty man's best friends (Guard Dogs). All tracks are longish (around the 7 minute mark) and were recorded live at the fabled Bunker Studio in Brooklyn. Vices is a happy marriage of analog and digital equipment usage. Let's hope it lasts.

Jason Domnarski: piano, keyboards
Aaron Nevezie: bass
David Mason: drums

JDT: Vices

Vices is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Crown Vic
  2. Brought Up On Charges
  3. Guard Dogs
  4. Snake Eyes
  5. E.T.A. (Bonus Track)

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