March 08, 2010

Shelley Miller: When It's All Gone, You Come Back

When you are a guitar teacher at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, you have a pretty good idea about how to make each note count. Singer-songwriter Shelley Miller has just released When It's All Gone, You Come Back, her third album as a recording artist.

Miller is a folkie branching out to Americana and country with a voice that is made for intimate songs played on the front porch at sunset. She may sound delicate, but she is by no means a push over. Her lyrics are about love and hate - the characters in her songs come very much alive. She may try to save a relationship, but enough is enough. And she's not above just enjoying the moment, indulging in a one-night stand (I Don't Mind). Carefully arranged her music is wrapped around her lyrics. Sometimes it's sparse (All the Way Down, Blame The Sky, Wait for You), for other songs she goes for a full throttle folk-country feel (Hard Love, Fool for Loving You).

Shelley Miller: acoustic guitar, vocals, mandolin, organ
John Abbey: bass
Larry Beers: drums, percussion
Joe Darnaby: electric guitar
Steve Dawson: background vocals
Ari Levi: cello
Tabitha Lydon: background vocals
Maria McCullough: fiddle
Micah Walk: vocals, acoustic and electric guitar

Shelley Miller: When It's All Gone, You Come Back

When It's All Gone, You Come Back is a self-released album. Buy it from her website.

  1. Buckle to Burn
  2. Blame the Sky
  3. Hard Love
  4. Nadine
  5. It was Billie
  6. Figure it Out
  7. All the Way Down
  8. Fool for Loving You
  9. 5 a.m., Western Ave.
  10. I Don't Mind
  11. Wait for You
  12. Texarkana
  13. Love's Not Crazy

Live dates:
  • 03/12 Martyrs', Chicago, IL (CD release party)
  • 04/07 Bar 4, Brooklyn, NY
  • 05/22 Widow's Peak Music Festival Earlville, IL
  • 06/20 Artists of the Wall Festival Chicago, IL


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