February 12, 2010

The Right Now: Carry Me Home

There once was a funky soul band from Chicago called Eli Jones. They released an album in 2007 - Make It Right - but there was something that needed improvement: a sense of urgency. The changed the band name to The Right Now in January 2009 and began gigging endlessly. Lead singer Stefanie Berecz has worked hard on her phrasing and main songwriter Brendan O'Connell listened to a lot of Memphis soul.

Carry Me Home is a multifaceted album - the slow, erotic funk soul feel reigns supreme in Ain't Going Back and Before I Know Your Name, and Berecz adapts a late night story telling voice for ballads like Better Way To Live and Carry Me Home. The stomping I'll Get Down has written "encore favorite" all over it. The brass section is always on hand to depth and warmth to the songs. Recommended if you like Sharon Jones and Stax vocalists.

The Right Now:
Stefanie Berecz: vocals
Brendan O'Connell: guitar, keys, vocals
Chris Corsale: guitar, vocals
Greg Nergaard: bass
John Smillie: drums
Eric Miller: trombone
Jonathon Edwards: baritone sax
Jim Schram: tenor sax

The Right Now: Carry Me Home

Carry Me Home is a self-released album. Release date: March 3rd. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Ain't Going Back
  2. Nobody
  3. You Will Know
  4. I Could Really Hold On
  5. Better Way To Live
  6. Before I Know Your Name
  7. Doing Nothing
  8. I'll Get Down
  9. The One You Love
  10. Carry Me Home

A 7 inch 45 single was mastered with Memphis soul legend Larry Nix at Ardent Studios, who also took charge when they were cutting the lacquers. Side A is the non-album track "7 to 10," recorded in Memphis and Chicago with Scott Bomar and Jay Marino. Side B is "The One You Love," recorded in Chicago with Vijay Tellis-Nayak and Steve Gillis.

Live dates:
  • 02/15 Hearya.com - Live Session at Shirk Music & Sound, Chicago, IL
  • 02/19 Union Street Station w/ The Macpodz, Traverse City, MI
  • 02/20 Park Street Tavern, Columbus, OH
  • 02/24 The Basement - Outta Sight Records Presents: Outta Sight Night, Nashville, TN
  • 02/27 WNUR 89.3 FM - Airplay, Chicago, IL
  • 03/03 LaundroMatinee.com Taping, Indianapolis, IL
  • 03/03 Indy CD & Vinyl - In-Store Appearance, Indianapolis, IA
  • 03/03 Jazz Kitchen - My Old Kentucky Blog & Old Soul & Twinpeaks Present: Root Movements, Indianapolis, IA
  • 03/04 House Concert, Madison, Wisconsin
  • 03/06 The Fire, Philadelphia, PA
  • 03/08 Bullfrog Brewery #, Williamsport, PA
  • 03/10 Puck Live #, Doylestown, PA
  • 03/11 Groove #, New York, New York
  • 03/12 The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ
  • 03/13 Shadow Lounge #, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 03/18 Vocalo 89.5FM - In-studio, Chicago, IL
  • 03/18 Fearless Radio - Live In-Studio, Chicago, IL
  • 03/18 WLUW - Radio Free Chicago (Interview), Chicago, IL
  • 03/19 Lincoln Hall #, Chicago, IL
  • 03/26 This Must Be The Place, Lemont, IL
  • 04/09 KSDK - Show Me St. Louis, Saint Louis, M0
  • 04/10 The Gramophone #, St. Louis, M0
  • 04/16 Java Blend, Iowa City, Iowa
  • 04/16 The Blue Moose Taphouse #, Iowa City, IA
  • 04/17 Redstone Room, Davenport, IA
  • 04/18 Mahoney’s Pub, Cedar Rapids, IA
  • 04/30 Marly’s Pub #, Springfield, IL
  • 05/20 Rogue Tavern, Birmingham, AL
  • 06/04 Upfront & Company, Marquette, MI
  • 06/05 Upfront & Company, Marquette, MI

# CD Release Show

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