February 05, 2010

John Jorgenson: One Stolen Night + Istiqbal Gathering

Nashville based John Jorgenson is one of the world's greatest gypsy jazz guitarists, keeping the music of Django Reinhardt alive. A composer is his own right he is releasing two albums simultaneously.. One Stolen Night was made with his regular quintet, Istiqbal Gathering with the Orchestra Nashville, conducted by his long time musical friend Paul Gambill.

John Jorgenson: One Stolen Night

One Stolen Night
Europe in the Twenties and Thirties is brought back is a rollicking cavalcade of guitar pickings. The bulk of the material is penned by Jorgenson. Straw hats and Summer come to mind with the joyous opener Red on Red and a swagger is in order for Slide Sister Slide. Violin player Jason Anick takes charger for Mediterranean Blues.

The covers, like the slow jazz take of Grieg's Norwegian Dance and the respectful rendering of Reinhardt's Hungaria are pretty good, but it feels that the musicians are afraid of taking risks and cutting corners to make them truly their own. The bonus tracks were first released on a 2008 compilation CD of patrons of the London venue Le Quecumbar, the only dedicated gypsy jazz venue in the world.

John Jorgenson: guitar
Jason Anick: violin
Doug Martin: guitar
Simon Planting: bass
Rick Reed: drums

  1. Red on Red
  2. Slide Sister Slide
  3. One Stolen Night
  4. Mediterranean Blues
  5. Souvenirs des Nos Peres
  6. Billet Doux
  7. Kentucky Kastrinos
  8. Norwegian Dance
  9. Bella Ella
  10. Hungaria
    Bonus Tracks:
  11. Istiqbal Solo
  12. Dark Romance
John Jorgenson: Istiqbal Gathering

Istiqbal Gathering
Jorsgenson always wanted to do a piece for gypsy guitar and orchestra, a rare feat that he puled off with arranger and composer Don Hart (he worked with Phish main man Trey Anastasio) and Orchestra Nashville conductor Paul Gambill. The three piece suite Concerto Glasso kicks of with a war cry of sorts - Roma Arise is the slogan chosen for the World Romany Congress, but the second movement Seaside Waltzreally works - the strings give Jorgenson a lift.

The short Dieter's Lounge is humming like a contended bee, mainly thanks to the addition of the Turtle Island Quarter, who stick around for Groove in the Louvre. Ending the album with an extended orchestrated take of his solo composition Istiqbal Gathering one wishes that this collaboration is the start of fruitful musical relationship.

  1. Concerto Glasso
    1. Roma Arise
    2. Seaside Waltz
    3. Tarantella and Reverie
  2. Dieter's Lounge
  3. Groove in the Louvre
  4. Istiqbal Gathering

One Stolen Night and Istiqbal Gathering are released his own label J2 records. Buy them from his website.

» johnjorgenson.com

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