November 24, 2009

Sensual Harassment: "Soldier" b/w "Daddy Long Legs"

Brooklyn synth dance rock trio Sensual Harassment are offering their latest two singles as a free download. Soldier is an old school keyboards heavy track with a Duran Duran afterglow after being fucked over by the Flaming Lips. Daddy Long Legs has a spidery keyboard motive, with a distorted guitar riding on top and a creeping bass line that goes up and down the spine before making itself comfortable in your guts.

Sensual Harassment

Sensual Harassment:
Todd Thomas: vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass
Mike Sherburn: bass, drums, keyboards
John Barclay: drums, keyboards

In case you are wondering why the band members are playing much of the same noise makers, Todd Thomas explains: "Everyone switches off on instruments (which makes for plenty of transitions live)".

Remixers are welcome to download the stems of Daddy Long Legs.


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