October 29, 2009

The Beatles Complete on Ukulele Marathon

Roger Greenawalt and David Barratt once again stage their The Beatles Complete on Ukulele Marathon. All proceeds will find their way to Yoko Ono, who might use them to take singing lessons:

The marathon consists of two days featuring 185 songs (the entire Beatles catalog) performed by 60 singers, 40 musicians and 16 Yokos all on ukuleles.

The 2nd Annual Beatles Complete On Ukulele Festival
A Benefit for Yoko Ono

December 5th and Sunday December 6th
from 1 PM till 10 PM at:
213 North 8th St (Btw Driggs and Robeling)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211

And how does it sound? The Beatles Complete on Ukulele Blog runs for 185 weeks, offering a weekly cover of a Beatles song. Alan Cohen mashes Your Mother Should Know with the Greek tragedy of Oedipus Rex, the king who killed his father and slept with his mother.

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» thebeatlescompleteonukulele.blogspot.com

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