October 09, 2009

Oh My God: The Night Undoes the Work of the Day

The core members of Chicago band Oh My God share a love for soulful rock. Billy O'Neill sounds a lot like Paul Young and organ player Ig can hit the keys of his instrument like a rocker, or caress them to make them purr like a cat. Their new album The Night Undoes the Work of the Day is best described as borderline AOR. They throw in a bit of funk to keep the audience on their toes - which not a problem when you have two guys in the band who can play bass.

The songs are standard AM friendly tunes, with a few notable exceptions. One Thing Leads To Another is a nice uptempo funk rocker with a howling organ and growling guitars, and nice interplay of the vocals and piano on My Own Adventure and Strangers On A Train (which might end up being used during the end titles of a long running soep opera series). Otherwise this album is, as Douglas Adams would say, mostly harmless.

Oh My God:
Billy O'Neill: vocals, bass
Ig: organ, vocals
Danny Yost: drums
Zach Verdoorn: bass, guitar, vocals

Oh My God: The Night Undoes the Work of the Day

The Night Undoes the Work of the Day is released on Split Red Records.

  1. My Own Adventure
  2. My Prayer
  3. Bring Yourself
  4. Baby There's Nothin' Wrong (you just gotta go to work)
  5. I Don't Think It's So Funny (how time slips away)
  6. One Thing Leads To Another
  7. Baby, Dream
  8. My Juliet
  9. I Dare You To Love Me
  10. Strangers On A Train
Live dates:
  • 10/09 Cactus Club, Milwaukee, WI
  • 10/10 The House, Dekalb, IL
  • 10/16 Howard’s Club H, Bowling Green, OH
  • 10/17 Mohawk Place, Buffalo, NY
  • 10/18 The Basement, Kingston, NY
  • 10/19 The Space, Hamden, CT
  • 10/20 M Room, Philadelphia, PA
  • 10/21 CMJ @ Lit Lounge, NY, NY
  • 10/22 Howler’s Coyote Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 10/23 Mad Hatter, Covington, KY
  • 10/24 Mac’s Bar, Lansing, MI
  • 10/29 Founder’s Brewing Co., Grand Rapids, MI
  • 10/30 Loading Dock, Traverse City, MI
  • 10/31 University of Michigan, Flint (KIVA), Flint, MI
  • 10/31 Rodney’s Loft, Flint, MI
  • 12/04 Hideout, Chicago, IL

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» myspace.com/ohmygod

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