July 12, 2009

Gong: new album "2032" drops 09/21


Old psychedelic rockers never die, they make new albums, continuing the sagas they started in the early Seventies. Gong picks up the story line of the Radio Gnome Trilogy with the release of 2032 on Monday 21st September 2009 on the band's own label G-Wave.

The band line-up on the album includes Daevid Allen (guitar, lead vocal): Steve Hillage (lead guitar), Gilli Smyth (Space Whisper and poetry), Miquette Giraudy (synthesiser), Mike Howlett (bass), Chris Taylor (drums), and Theo Travis (sax and flute).

Gong: 2032 Tracks:
  1. City of Self Fascination
  2. Digital Girl
  3. How To Stay Alive
  4. Escape Control Delete
  5. Yoni Poem
  6. Dance With The Pixies
  7. Wacky Baccy Banker
  8. The Year 2032
  9. Robo-Warriors
  10. Guitar Zero
  11. The Gris Gris Girl
  12. Wave And A Particle
  13. Pinkle Ponkle
  14. Portal

The band is on the road for an extensive tour of the UK and mainland Europe.

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