March 01, 2009

Geographer: Innocent Ghosts

Turning a double tragedy bad into something beautiful. That's what New Jersey musician Mike Deni did after the deaths of his father and sister. He travelled to San Francisco and started composing the songs that would end up on Innocents Ghosts, the debut album of his band Geographer. The cello of Nathan Blaz adds melancholy, the drums of Brian Ostreicher push the tracks forward in a gentle way.

Innocents Ghosts is an intelligent indie album about dealing with heartfelt feelings about loss. With his intricate melodies Deni waves a spell to chase away his demons and bringing back to live his loved ones, if only in song. A monumental tribute.

Mike Deni: vocals, guitar, keys, synths, bass
Nathan Blaz: cello, electronics
Brian Ostreicher: drums

Geographer: Innocent Ghosts

Innocent Ghosts is a self-released album. Buy it from the band's website.

  1. Can't You Wait
  2. Rushing In, Rushing Out
  3. Caught A Fire
  4. Leave
  5. Each Other's Ghosts
  6. Underneath My Heart
  7. Wonderful
  8. Asleep
  9. Native Son
  10. The Morning
  11. Atmosphere
Live dates:
  • 03/29 DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA
  • 04/23 Cafe Du Nord, San Francisco, CA


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