March 27, 2009

all of us/none of us: arcane and abel

all of us/none of us: arcane and abel

Two trained guys starting working together sending each other tapes with bits and pieces. Guitarist and singer Eric Ray (San Francisco), a graduate of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and R Tyck (Los Angeles), hit it off in real life and their project, now called all of us/none of us, recorded a full length lucky robot.

When two clever guys get together, the music often suffers because they are trying to steal each others thunder. Luckily that didn't happen and the new ep arcane and abel contains a quartet of intimate, smart songs. Stand-out track with tasty acoustic guitar and dreamy brushes touches.

arcane and abel is released on Unamerican Reordings.

  1. hurts my head
  2. watcha gonna do?
  3. excess
  4. knew that


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