February 19, 2009

Phish: The Victor Disc

Music blogger phishthoughts.com kicks down The Victor Disc, a collection of loose Phish jams:

On December 19th, 2002, while Phish was in New York to appear on The Late Show With David Letterman, Trey and Page popped into a downtown recording studio sometime after midnight. Deciding to play, they called Fishman and Gordon, asking them to join. Phish then taped an extensive spontaneous jam session, and decided on the title, The Victor Disc, named after the session's engineer.
  1. Lazy and Red (5:57)
  2. Den of Iniquity (9:55)
  3. Bubble Wrap (4:34)
  4. Sky Train Wand (17:24)
  5. Blue Over Yellow (15:30)
  6. Guantanamo Strut (17:22)
  7. Victor Jam Session (11:19)
  8. Heartache (0:34)
  9. 35 minute jam (35:33)
  10. Last Victor Jam (24:23)

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