December 21, 2008

Perhapst: Perhapst

John Moen is the drummer, banjo meister and sometimes melodica player with The Decemberists. In his spare time he writes quirky pop songs for Perhapst, a side-project featuring Chris Funk (The Decemberists), Jonathan Drews (Sunset Valley), and Eric Lovre (Dharma Bums).

The self-titled debut album is catchy affair, sounding a bit like Radiohead in their Pablo Honey days. Playing most the instruments him self, with Stephen Malkmus lending a hand on guitar, his nasal voice is a perfect fit for the hook-driven songs. With a little distortion and leakage here and there Perhapst is a record that lo-fi and laidback in a single swoop.

Perhapst: Perhapst

Perhapst is released on In Music We Trust Records.

  1. Quote
  2. Maryanne
  3. Blue Year
  4. Hyper Planets
  5. Cruel Whisk
  6. Caution
  7. Incense Cone
  8. Harbour
  9. Alamand
  10. Bornless One
  11. Aren't You Glowing


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