December 15, 2008

Olivia Broadfield: Eyes Wide Open

Olivia Broadfield
photo: Andrew Robert Fox

The laptop is a godsend for singer-songwriters on a shoe-string budget. "Programming" is commonly listed along the usual suspects of keys, guitars and vocals. Olivia Broadfield made good use of all these skills on her Eyes Wide Open album. She got a producer named Jos Crocker how knows his way around percussion programming and bass.

Her songs may remind you of Lykki Li and Heather Nova with her vocals laying down a flowing melody that goes well with all the little beeps, brushy sounds and electronic imagery that goes on beneath it. You can dance to it in slow motion, inventing brand new steps if you want too.

Olivia Broadfield: Eyes Wide Open

Eyes Wide Open is a self-released album. Buy it from her website. Downloads available on Amazon, iTunes and such. Olivia Broadfield is negotiating an USA release in 2009 through Vagrant Records.

  1. Silence
  2. Indescribable
  3. Eyes Wide Open
  4. Probably Nothing
  5. Safe
  6. Lost in You
  7. Don't Let Go
  8. Holding Onto You
  9. The Weight
  10. Hang On
  11. Fool Today
  12. Lose Touch
  13. Don't Cry
  14. Day Life

MP3: Olivia Broadfield - Eyes Wide Open
MP3: Olivia Broadfield - Fool Today


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