July 07, 2008

Matt Keating: Quixotic

In the days of yore some artists released double albums: two pieces of vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. Singer-songriter Matt Keating revives this almost lost art with a new one called Quizotic, 23 songs divided between two discs. He could have fitted the 23 songs on one crammed disc, but he made a wise choice to go for this format instead. After all, it's hard to keep paying attention after 50 minutes or so.

Quizotic, which takes its name from the fabled fictional Spanish knight Don Quixote, is a sprawling album that contains stories about everything you might want to hear during a prolonged listening trip: humor, angst and of course some sex and violence.

Matt Keating: Quixotic

Matt Keating has been drawing comparisons with the likes of Elliot Smith and Ron Sexmith, but if you listen more closely you will find traces of Elvis Costello, Nick Drake and Joe Jackson. This album breathes life into folk-rock and that's a genre that needed a fix for quite some time.

Quixotic is released on Kealon Records. Release: July 8th. Buy it here.

Disc One:
  1. St. Cloud
  2. Confidential
  3. Louisiana
  4. Do In The Dark
  5. Sorry Son
  6. Te Amo
  7. Mystified
  8. Little by Little
  9. Runaway Clown
  10. Only Let You Down
  11. Now We're Home
Disc Two:
  1. Lion's Share of Nothing
  2. Do You Want (To Not Be Lonely With Me)
  3. Road To Ruin
  4. As Much As You Can Bear
  5. Romeoville
  6. Before My Wife Gets Home
  7. They Came In May
  8. Leave Or You Leave It Alone
  9. Skin And Bone
  10. Love Ain't
  11. Valhalla Waltz
  12. Book Of Changes

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