June 17, 2008

Ruder Than You: God's Ghetto

Ruder Than You, an underrated ska band from Philadelpia, are the first American act to get a CD deal on a reputed African music label. Their new EP God's Ghetto mixes ska with dub and a few strands of hiphop. Five tunes that go straight for your gut, with joyous sounding sax and trombone. For the verbally challenged - you can get "clean" versions of most of the tracks.

Ruder Than You: God's Ghetto

Ruder Than You:
Doug D: vocals and sax
Freddie 3D: vocals and toasting
Don: bass
Rod: guitar
Chris: trombone
Ace: drums

God's Ghetto is released on the East-African record label Lulu Nyeusi. Download from Digstation or iTunes.

» ruderthanyou.net
» archive.org/details/RuderThanYou
» myspace.com/rtystylee

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