April 15, 2008

Various Artists: The Edge Of The Eighties

The Edge Of The Eighties

It's easy to make fun of a lot of music that dominated the airwaves in the Eighties. Synthesizers and crappy drum machines ruled supreme and looks were far more important than the actual music.

Every decade has his truly gruesome acts and we were served with Kajagoogoo and Spandau Ballet. Thankfully these acts are not included on a new 3CD set called The Edge Of The Eighties, a collection that goes beyond the usual suspects and pays tribute to acts like Propaganda, Laurie Anderson and even the Cocteau Twins, Joy Division and Bauhaus.

Most of the songs did not qualify as a proper hit at the time, but were favorites at the alternative dance hangouts. Record label Sony/BMG did good this time in putting together this collection, and that's rare. They could have included some more non-UK acts though.

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