March 29, 2008

Zak Smith: As Rome Burned

When you are musician from Jersey with a raw voice and a bag full of good guitar hooks, people will tend to draw comparisons with the other guy from that area who made it big. Zak Smith likes classic rock with a hint of soul and he can come up with the songs to go with it. He is dreaming of better future (Hollywood), has sexual fantasies (Girls Touching Girls), brings in the brass for a vaudeville glow (Minstrel Show) and slows down when he writes about treason (A Traitor's Way) or reaches out to a girl (K).

As Rome Burned runs for little over half an hour. This self-released album might well become a collectors item in years to come. I am going to hold on to his handwritten note that came with the CD and make a fortune on eBay in about five years from now. In case you are wondering, that's not Zak Smith on the cover of the album. It's his dad with a neighbour of his.

Zak Smith: As Rome Burned

Buy As Rome Burned at CD Baby or download it from iTunes.

  1. Hollywood
  2. Under Your Possesion
  3. Choke This Republic Boys
  4. K
  5. Have You Looked Outside
  6. Girls Touching Girls
  7. Minstrel Show
  8. Shots
  9. A Traitor's Way
  10. The Last Beat

Watch the video for A Traitor's Way.


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