March 06, 2008

Say Hi: The Wishes And The Glitch

Say Hi is basically just one guy. Eric Elbogen is a musician who sleeps in his recording studio. During waking hours he polishes his songs with endless patience, coming up with sounds that stick in your brain. Resistance is futile. He is an electronics wiz operating in Radiohead country, weirder than Thom Yorke on a good day.

His previous albums dealt with robots and vampires, on his latest effort The Wishes And The Glitch he delivers his visions on mostly human things, like the post-coital song Apples For The Innocent. Elbogen dropped his old band name Say Hi To Your Mom for the shortened version to show that is getting serious about his lyrics: "Just a lock of her hair and a jar of her breath. It might work this time, oh yes" (Toil and Trouble).

Say Hi: The Wishes And The Glitch

Elbogen played all the instruments, bringing in friends like his touring keyboardist / vocalist Nouela Johnson to contribute vocals. The Wishes And The Glitch is released on Elbogen's own label Euphobia Records.

  1. Northwestern Girls
  2. Shakes Her Shoulders
  3. Toil And Trouble
  4. Back Before We Were Brittle
  5. Oboes Bleat And Triangles Tink
  6. Magic Beans And Truth Machines
  7. Bluetime
  8. Spiders
  9. Zero To Love
  10. Apples For The Innocent
  11. We Lost The Albatross


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