March 12, 2008

Gold Streets: Looks Like Fireflies

An album that starts with a bass line sounding like Peter Hook after he drank far too much in the bar with Kim Deal, that's Looks Like Fireflies by the Gold Streets, a Brooklyn trio specializing in new wave tinged soundscapes. This is the kind of band that music critics rave about, but who are ignored by the general public. Screw the public.

What makes the Gold Streets stand out among their peers? A female drummer who can sing in a dreamy voice, a guitar player who invoke the spirits of those great Boston bands of the late eighties (Pixies, Throwing Muses) with a touch of Thurston Moore to drive home the point that they are a very NYC band. Bass? See above, it's messy at times, but she's got a groove.

Gold Streets: Looks Like Fireflies

Gold Streets:
Tiffany Almy: drums, vocals
Gizella Otterson: bass
Norman Vino: guitar, keys, vocals

Looks Like Fireflies is released on 8x8 records. Buy it from iTunes, Napster or Rhapsody. When you download it from Echospin, you get an extra MP3 of "Red".


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