February 18, 2008

Danny Schmidt: Little Grey Sheep

Danny Schmidt is a craftsman who constructs his songs with the utmost care. His new album Little Grey Sheep is a collection that demands intense listening, preferably through headphones. He has stories to tell that are rooted in the folk tradition, tales of despair and screwed up love affairs. He is a loner that doesn't want to be alone.

Schmidt went back to his collection of songs he wrote over the years. Some of them were left of his previous albums as much as seven years ago. He spend a lot of time putting them in the right order, slowly piecing bits and pieces together to create an album that sounds and feels as a unity. He went back to the Drawing Board as it were:

But sometimes sunshine hits my glass
And answers 'fore I have to ask
How the hell can rainbows
Show so many shortest paths?
Danny Schmidt: Little Grey Sheep

Little Grey Sheep is released on Waterbug Records.

  1. Leaves Are Burning
  2. Drawing Board
  3. Go Ugly Early
  4. Cliff Song
  5. Around the Waist
  6. Adios to Tejasito
  7. Tales of Sweet Odysseus
  8. Emigrant, MT
  9. California's On Fire
  10. Song for Judy & Bridget
  11. Company of Friends
  12. Troubles Comes Calling

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