January 07, 2008

Jon Foreman: "Fall" & "Winter"

Jon Foreman is the singer of American rock band Switchfoot. Like so many singers before him he felt the urge for a solo outlet. He goes in at the deep end and comes up with a four part acoustic EP series: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer. The first two are available for detail and as a double EP package January 15.

Jon Foreman: Fall & Winter

Fall and Winter follow the beaten track of acoustic singer/songwriter imagery, the kind of muisc that Douglas Adams would label as harmless. Well, mostly harmless. Just another singer who feels a bit misunderstood by the rest of his band and and the world in general. standout tracks: The Cure For Pain and In Love, which despite its corny title contains some nice leftfield musical backing. Let's hope he will be a more adventurous on the final two parts Spring and Summer.

Fall EP
  1. The Cure For The Pain
  2. Southbound Train
  3. Lord, Save Me From Myself
  4. Equally Skilled
  5. The Moon Is A Magnet
  6. My Love Goes Free
Winter EP
  1. Learning How To Die
  2. Behind Your Eyes
  3. Somebody¹s Baby
  4. White As Snow
  5. I Am Still Running
  6. In Love

The EPs are released on Swithfoot's own label lowercase people records, in conjunction with Credential Recordings.

» jonforeman.com
» credentialrecordings.com

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