December 03, 2007

Rumors are flying: Zeppelin/Metallica Headlining Bonnaroo

Lars from Metallica

Psssst: Hidden Track has a rumor for you. You might start saving just in case this is true: Led Zeppelin and Metallica headlining next year's Bonnaroo festival:

It's possible that 2008 will continue to see to ‘Roo cement its reputation. The blogs and message boards are abuzz today after the Digital Media Wire passed on a rumor that Led Zeppelin and Metallica have just signed on to play Bonnaroo ‘08. This wouldn’t be the first appearance of a member of Led Zeppelin at Bonnaroo — last year bassist John Paul Jones participated in the SuperJam at the festival and sat in with Uncle Earl and Gillian Welch on a few tunes.

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Update: Metallica goes into denial:

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