November 03, 2007

John Cale: playing new songs in Australia

John Cale

The Australian has an interview with John Cale. He will be playing new songs on the upcoming string of live dates:

"You go in, you have nothing," he says of the studio. "You start and you work on your groove, you get some changes, and then by that time some idea about the lyric happens. The faster the lyrics happen, the faster the song gets done. But there's this great rush that can happen. By the end of blackAcetate we were getting two songs a day. Once you're on a roll like that it's great."
He'll be road-testing some of his new material in Australia. "I teach the band new songs on the road, so I'll do more of that and play them live," he says. "That really helps. More than anything, I like to work out the grooves and the feeling of the songs. So going out every night and playing those songs, we get better at it."

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