November 12, 2007

"Between Ears": a documentary about MP3 players

A Dutch film company has plans for making a documentary about the use of MP3 players, featuring users of all continents. The project is currently being researched and it may take another year and a half for the finished product to be screened on television:

The Dutch film company Zuidenwind is preparing the documentary "Between Ears", which will explore the way people use their MP3 player and how it's influencing their mood and environment. It will reveal a social phenomenon by focusing on a variety of persons from around the world who can't live without their MP3 player. The film is going to be an international co production and will be shown worldwide.

Perhaps everyone has experienced that sound can change our awareness in a way that it lets us forget about our surroundings and makes it seem our head is somewhere else. "When I was a child, I was given a very large shell by wich they told me I could hear the sea with it," says the director Susanne Engels. "With the shell close to my ear, I basked in the warmth of the memory of my last holiday at the beach at any time and place. It was like magic."

With the arrival of the walkman, and later mainly the MP3 player, this phenomenon has taken off tremendously. Especially the MP3 player has captured the hearts of a lot of people, young and old. Producer Joost Seelen says: "Not just in western and urban societies, but in the whole world, even in remote areas, people are attracted to the possibilities this small device offers, which exceeds just listening to music."


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