October 19, 2007

"Awesome": Beehive Sessions

Seattle septet "Awesome" makes the kind of music that Ray Davies came up with in the mid-seventies. Their second album Beehive Sessions is filled to the brim with musical ideas, with lots of brass, strings and ... wait for it ... a theremin (for the youngsters, that's an instrument played with your hands without actually touching - that's right, like that WII thingy but sounding a lot better). Add some falsetto Yes' inspired vocals and you end up with a modern day arty progrock pseudo concept album. DYI does not equal punk, you know.

The Beehive Sessions should take "Awesome" to the next level, playing in Europe before open-minded audiences on the club circuit.

Buy the Beehive Sessions from the band's website.

John Ackermann: vocals, keyboards, mandolin, more ...
Kirk Anderson: vocals, drums, typewriter
Basil Harris: vocals, bass
Evan Mosher: vocals, trumpet
David Nixon: vocals, banjo
John Osebold: vocals, guitar, theremin, violin
Robertson Witmer: vocals, accordion, sax, clarinet

MP3: "Awesome" - Telephone
MP3: "Awesome" - Beehive

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» myspace.com/awesometheband

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