August 30, 2007

Kris Morris: Little Light

Kris Morris is an Aussie singer/songwriter who lives in London. His 5 track CDEP Little Light is a laidback journey with classic instrumentation. If you like the sound of the dobro, baritone guitar and flugelhorn, this album will make a nice addition to your collection of self released acoustic albums. Apparently Kris went through some hard times, but hey, he got some good songs out of it.

Kris Morris - Little Light
Imagine a dark night and a slippery, wet road. Imagine a plethora of music legends driving in the same vicinity on this night (say for possibly a music awards night or the like). Now imagine a nasty car crash involving Liam Gallagher, Neil Finn, Ryan Adams, Bono, Beck, David Bowie, Johnny Borrell and Keith Richards. Continue on in this vein and imagine that in their long, painful quest for physical rehabilitation they are drawn together and start writing beautiful, weird, fun, heartfelt music together. If you can dig all that then you know exactly what I sound like.

Put it on on a Sunday morning. You can stream all tracks from his website.


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