July 24, 2007

Aaron Schroeder: two tracks from "Black & Gold"

The new Aaron Schroeder album Black & Gold drops somewhere in August. A wide variety of instruments is used on this one, including a vibraphone, mandolins, organs, clarinets and a lap steel. While listening to a couple of tracks it becomes clear that Schroeder sings with more confidence on his second album. He had the goods, now he dares to show it.

Bass player Justin Meldal-Johnsen lends a hand on What We Don't Know. Ben Barnett (Kind Of Like Spitting) provides a guest vocal on Call Out To Me.

Aaron Schroeder: Black & Gold Tracks:
  1. What We Don't Know
  2. Fake Crimes
  3. Emmylou
  4. All Along The Day
  5. The Mississippi Line
  6. Cold Country
  7. If You Please
  8. Backwoods Child
  9. Call Out To Me
  10. Hooray For You

Update: Black & Gold is now available for pre-order on his MySpace site. All pre-orders will come with a pin, posters, and stickers (while supplies last).

MP3: Aaron Schroeder - What We Don't Know
MP3: Aaron Schroeder - Call Out To Me

» aaronschroeder.com
» myspace.com/aaronschroeder
» justinmj.com
» barsuk.com/bands/kindoflikespitting

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