May 22, 2007

Tom Hagerman: The Breakfast Playground

It's been awhile since I fell in love with a CD, but Tom Hagerman pulled it of. The multi-instrumentalist of DeVotchKa created a magnificent solo album The Breakfast Playground, an almost 100% instrumental affair that flows and bubbles like a gentle stream with the distant sounds of a train to remind you that this is 21st century music. The Breakfast Playground is a big time chill out album, not the kind of lounge crap that is peddled as such.

Tom Hagerman - The Breakfast Playground

Hagerman plays accordion and violin and created a soundtrack for a movie that has not been made yet. If you liked the French movie Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain, this record is the perfect accompaniment for a sequel.

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