April 16, 2007

Ritchie Blackmore: vintage 1975 interview

Travel back in time with a 1975 Ritchie Blackmore interview in Modern Guitars Magazine. He talks at length about how Rainbow got started, and yes, there is some Deep Purple in there too:

I never got very much emotion out of Deep Purple music, though I did when I was onstage. Except for Machine Head and In Rock, there wasn’t a lot that moved me about what we did and I could never figure out why. It was just misinterpretation between the guitar and the vocalist most of the time, which wasn’t their fault. I just had a very bad way of explaining myself, of what I wanted put over the top. Plus, it got to the stage where I couldn’t really say, I couldn’t tell a singer what to sing. I didn’t want to. He’s the singer. He should sing whatever he feels. That’s why it’s different in this band. Everybody’s thinking together. Nobody’s got big egos.

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