March 20, 2007

Stooges: SXWS interview

Iggy with interviewer David Fricke

Blogger Music Night In Canada has a pretty good report on the Stooges being interviewed at SXSW in Austin. Iggy Pop on writing songs:

Writing a lot of OK or crappy songs is really easy and it’s really hard not to do. Even the best ones in the business write a lot of crap. But writing a great song only happens once in a while, at best. For instance, when Ron started jamming the chords in ‘No Fun,’ I knew instantly that we would be in the book, but going from those chords riffs to a great song still took a lot of work, jamming it, trying different things with it… As for the lyrics of that track, I always thought that ‘no’ is a great word. One of my favorite parts of the Rolling Stones’ Satisfaction is when Mick goes “No no no.” And then, on the other hand, you had the Beach Boys, another great band, who had this song where they kept repeating “Fun, fun, fun”, so I thought to myself, “Well, there you go.”

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