March 11, 2007

Orange Is In: Top 10 Signs Your Favorite Rock Star Is Nuts

Orange Is In has compiled a Top 10 Signs Your Favorite Rock Star Is Nuts:

  1. Announces reunion tour, cancels reunion tour, goes into rehab, makes David Lee Roth look sane
  2. Has never hit on your sister
  3. Claims to be the bastard love child of Simon and Garfunkel
  4. Thinks that aroma in the van is “country pine”
  5. Believes there really is a rock and roll heaven
  6. Swears “Chinese Democracy” is coming out this March
  7. His name is Rod Stewart
  8. Stuffs pants with socks on the wrong end
  9. Bites the head off a bat – and swallows
  10. Never listens to Orange Is In


HCTF review of Another Lame Semi-Tragedy.

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