December 22, 2006

Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp! Ya know, for kids

A camp that doesn't suck? Be good, you little brat, and you might end up here:

Rock icons Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, Mickey Hart of The Grateful Dead and Paul Stanley of Kiss will train aspiring rock stars at Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp in Hollywood next year.
For five days (February 15-19), these and other celebrity musicians will instruct participants for 12 hours each day, share meals with them and offer tips and jamming techniques.
The camp will culminate in a Battle of the Bands competition that will be open to the public and held at the House of Blues on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles.
Scott Ian of Anthrax and Poison’s Bret Michaels will also lend their talents to the proceedings, instructing participants from all walks of life how to wield a whammy bar and hit high notes.

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