November 16, 2006

Lucky Soul: Ain't Never Been Cool

Lucky Soul - Ain't Never Been Cool

Life isn't fair. Major record companies seem to prefer fake artists with fake voices (and fake tits). So what can you do when you are pop band with a real singer? You go DYI. Lucky Soul releases their new 3-track Ain't Never Been Cool on December 11 on their own Ruffa Lane label.

Based in Greenwich in the UK Lucky Soul builds their updated version of classic pop. I Gots The Magic starts with a few notes that sound a lot like Sweet Jane in the Cowboy Junkies version with a healthy chunk of distorted guitar thrown in, Struck Dumb is a fifties pastiche and Ain't Never Been Cool is a song that Nancy Sinatra should cover making Lucky Soul tons of money in the proces.

Lovely tunes. In case you misread it the first time: lovely tunes.

Tour dates (all in London unless indicated otherwise):

  • 11/18 New Pop Revolution @ Metro
  • 11/23 Old Spitalfields Market Alternative Christmas Lights Ceremony
  • 11/28 The Fly
  • 12/05 Bardens Boudoir
  • 12/15 Debaser, Stockholm
  • 12/31 New Year's at the Hope & Anchor


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