September 23, 2006

O no! Not another Velvet Underground study!

The Velvet Underground

Richard Witts has added yet another book to the extensive Velvet Underground library. He called it -- surpise! -- The Velvet Underground. Yes, he is an academic. Nicholas Lezard in a review for The Guardian:

A note before the title page says it is "designed for undergraduates and the general reader". Never mind the general reader, it was the fact that the Velvet Underground are now being studied by undergraduates that had me pacing around the room, pinching the bridge of my nose and saying the title of the fifth track on their third album ("Jesus") out loud a few times. Am I getting that old? When I was an undergraduate, they had hardly been split up for a decade. Students shouldn't be studying the Velvet Underground, they should sit around taking narcotics and listening to them. You'll be telling me next that students aren't allowed to take narcotics any more.

The Velvet Underground by Richard Witts (Equinox, £10.99)

» Equinox

(Thanks: Margaret Moser)

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