September 17, 2006

Marianne Faithfull diagnosed with breast cancer

Marianne Faithfull has been diagnosed with the earliest stages of breast cancer, forcing her to postpone the world tour that was to have started next month.

The disease has been quickly discovered by doctors in France - where Marianne stays when not at home in Ireland - and the prognosis for a return to full health is excellent. Indeed, Marianne is looking forward to playing the re-scheduled acoustic tour "Songs of Innocence and Experience" in 2007.

She says: "I have absolute faith and confidence in my fantastic medical team and of course I will be well again, if not better than ever. Next year's tour, I want to assure fans, will be one big celebration."

The original shows were due to have started in Paris on Friday 7th October, with concerts in the United States, Canada, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Hungary and Spain before ending at the Pigalle in London on Monday 18th December. All will now be re-scheduled for 2007.


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